Karen Answers Jennette

Comment by Jennette on August 1, 2008 3:18 pm


What a read! I couldn’t put this book down. I stayed up all night reading it through, it took me thirteen hours. I’ve never read a book like that before? I have hundreds of questions but will only ask three. Do you still have the same fears some of your alters had now that they are integrated, do you still fear clowns? second question, Can you feel and experience pain? third question, What does blind faith mean to you? I pray you are well these days. Lots of luck to you.


Dear Jennette,

Thank you for your compliment! Regarding your question on fear, no, I don’t have the same fears as before because the fears that once plagued the alters were childhood fears that have matured into mere adult annoyances. I still don’t like clowns; I don’t think I ever will. With painted faces, how can you really know what the person behind the mask is thinking? My entire survival as a child depended on my abilty to be attuned to everyone around me, especially those who abused me. When the men with clown masks came to my house, I couldn’t “read” them, and prepare myself for what was to follow.

I believe it’s possible I have a higher the than usual pain tolerance. I can now feel pain that I once never could. And this doesn’t necessarily mean physical pain; I also now feel the emotional pain, too. I believe the pain from a broken heart, from being betrayed by my parents, is worse the than any physical pain I experienced while being abused.

In the book, I refer to blind faith as firmly believing and trusting in something for which there is no proof. I gave myself the opportunity to try something I never thought possible, one last chance to heal, a leap of faith, and asked God to help guide me. I made an unbreakable promise to Dr. Baer: complete trust. I shared the unbelievable truth about my past, even though I feared I wouldn’t be believed, and trusted him to help me. I had nothing to lose. I was already lost.

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes,



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