Karen Answers Jess

Comment by Jess on August 1, 2008 3:04 pm

Dear Karen,

In the book your alter Jensen built walls that he eventually took down. Now that you have integrated do you still wish to build walls? Can you explain what the walls meant to you past and present?


Dear Jess,

I believe my alter, Jensen, built walls to protect himself from abuse, from the other alters, and because he wanted to be alone. Eventually, Jensen built walls throughout our inner world to help keep the alters’ different emotions from spilling into one another, and to keep all secure. I believe the walls were meant for safety. Jensen started tearing down the walls that separated each alter as our therapy progressed. As we healed, the need for these walls disappeared.

Today, I still have thoughts of putting up walls, and these thoughts surprise me. I try to think of the phrase “putting up a wall” to mean “Wait A Little Longer!” During times of stress, or when the need for peace of mind consumes me, I use the “wait a little longer” thought to ease me through. This is especially important when I feel, at times, that I can’t go on. If I “wait a little longer”, this too shall pass.



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