Karen Answers Cris

Comment by Cris on August 3, 2008 9:01 pm


How do you know Doctor Richard Baer didn’t force memories of abuse in your mind during hypnosis just so he could write a book?

Dear Cris,

I’ve heard of the “False Memory Syndrome”, but in my case, this did not happen to me. My memories are exactly as I recalled them. I would know if Dr. Baer tried to suggest any sort of memories, but he never did, and took pains never to suggest anything.

I’ve always had a remarkable memory. Each memory my alters shared with Dr. Baer during hypnosis was known to me before therapy. Most of these memories were fragmented amongst my alters, as if they were individual pieces of a puzzle. This was how dissociation worked to help me survive. As each alter’s memories were told to Dr. Baer, and the pieces put together, they formed one complete, accurate memory, vivid in detail. There is no way that Dr. Baer could’ve supplied the content and pictures associated with these memories.

Dr. Baer chose to write our story years after I told him about my abuse. We decided together that our story was fascinating and unique, and ought to be told. I shared my story because I believe my journey of healing will help others complete their own journey.



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