Karen Answers Jennette’s Second Question

Comment by Jennette on August 4, 2008 12:08 am

Dear Karen,

Your answer was marvelous to my previous question, can you please enlighten me with a little more? I’m somewhat curious if you took your children to see the new Batman movie Dark Night? If you did how did the Joker character affect you? Did you ever hire a clown for your children’s birthday parties? I have a small child, age of eight, that also hates clowns and your wisdom may help. The part of your answer that described why you dislike clowns appears right on.

Thank you,

Dear Jennette,

I don’t mind answering another question for you. I hear your concern about your child’s fear of clowns. I did see this movie and it scared the heck out of me. In my opinion, it’s too harsh of a movie for an eight year old who fears clowns. I try not to fear something that’s not real, but the Joker was too much of a terrifying, “real life” clown for me.

What scared me was not only the Joker’s evil looking painted clown face, but the manipulative ways in which he acted. The Joker’s eyes were so frightening; he looked as if he could’ve been one of my abusers. The movements he made and his creepy laugh were so like one of the men in a clown mask who abused me that one Halloween night.

I never hired a clown for my children’s birthday parties. As a matter of fact, if I knew a clown was present at one of their friend’s parties, I wouldn’t go. I’ve never shared my dislike of clowns with my children when they were young, but as adults, they know about my dislike of clowns, and they like to tease me once in awhile.



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