Karen Answers Dennis

Comment by Dennis on August 9, 2008 9:27 pm


This is a great story but I don’t believe anything like this could possibly take place in the Chicago area. What area did you live in while this was happening? I am a child product of the sixties and know there was weirdness in that period of time but all men of that time period talked perverted and never acted on it. What made you different?


Dear Dennis,

I’m sorry, but Dr. Baer and I decided it was best not to share the exact geographical area where I lived as a child. But, yes, it’s possible for this type of abuse to happen, not only in Chicago, but anywhere in the world. What’s to prevent men who talk in perverted ways to act on them in secret? You mentioned you were a child during the sixties and thought that men during that period “talked perverted,” but didn’t act on anything. If this was so, then you were lucky not to have suffered at their hands.

What made me different? I was the child of abusers. I was trapped, a captive, and could only escape them within myself.




  1. When there is “weirdness” or “perverted actions” there are problems. Masked or not, and as sad as it seems there are people in this world, such as Karen’s abusers, that are sick and don’t advertise their actions. Also, you said you can’t believe anything like this could happen in Chicago in the sixties? I find it hard to believe you honestly believe that statement. The sixties in Chicago weren’t all that great with radacal movements and gang/mob activity, so is Karen’s experience really as shocking as you think?

    Karen’s response to this question is spot on, you were extremely lucky to not be affected in a negative way by these people. Also, even though Karen and Dr. Baer have made the decision not to share the location where she grew up, it doesn’t matter. Chicago, Florida, Rhode Island or where ever, this type of thing happens everywhere and these types of people are everywhere.

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