Karen Answers Konstantinos

Comment by Konstantinos on August 9, 2008 5:27 pm



I am visiting the states from my country. I speak and read english and would like to know what other languages does the book come in? I would love for others to read it too, others who don’t speak English. I find your book very interesting and inspiring. Is the title the same in other countries?

Dear Konstantinos,

Welcome to America! I hope you’re stay here is pleasant. Thank you for finding my story interesting and inspiring. Dr. Baer and I worked hard in order to share our journey together and bring hope to others who suffer, and to show how therapy can work to help heal from trauma.

Our book, Switching Time, here in the United States is available in different countries and languages. There may be more added to the list, but as for now you can purchase our book in the following countries under the following names. In Amsterdam and Belgium, the Dutch version is entitled Karen, de vrouw met zeventien persoonlijkheden; in the United Kingdom, that English version is entitled A Life in Pieces, The Harrowing True Story of a Woman with Multiple Personality Disorder, and in Sweden, the title to look for is Karens många ansikten. Additional editions are coming out in Japanese and Chinese. Each of these books can be found under the author, Richard Baer.

Dr. Baer and I hope to share our stories with other countries soon. Thank you, again, for your interest in sharing our book with others in different languages.



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