Karen Answers Annmarie

Comment by Annmarie on August 9, 2008 10:44 pm


Did you lose your talent as an artist after your integration? I have DID and love the way I am and am afraid to integrate for fear of losing this part of who I am. What about other things your alters once did, do you remember their likes and dislikes and have you kept their talents? Thank you for answering all these questions.

Best wishes to you,


Dear Annmarie,

Please don’t be afraid to integrate for fear of losing the parts of you that were once alters. Living a fragmented life is too stressful. When each alter integrated within me, each merger diluted their individual talents, but as time went on, each alter that integrated gave me a sense of completeness that I never previously had. I am who I am because all of my alters are “me.” I don’t believe I lost anything: just put a few things aside, for now. I don’t believe I lost any of the alters’ individual talents. There are some things I haven’t tried yet, but my interest and desire to do so is there, just waiting for me. I continue to love art, music, traveling, and have many of the same likes and dislikes the alters had. I’ve become one woman with a variety of interests and talents.

Thank you for asking,



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