Karen Answers Azkadelia

Comment by Azkadelia on August 10, 2008 8:07 pm


I’ve been reading your responses and am so glad there is someone who went through all that you have and are able to help people in return. I’ve also noticed that you are an amazing writer, are you going to write a book? Because I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in the patients point of view. It’s obvious that you’ve had a lot of input with the book because the way you write and the structure of the book are fairly similar, but it would be interesting to get in your head since we’ve been in Dr. Baer’s already.

Keep up the great responding and please keep writing because it really touches people and it helps more than I’m sure you know.


Dear Azkadelia,

Thank you for all your compliments, comments, and concerns. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. I will continue to do my best to respond to those who ask questions and share their thoughts. This is what I hoped for—through my experiences to help others understand multiple personality disorder in a way that’s not been spoken of before..

All the Best,



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