Karen Answers Henry

Comment by Henry on August 10, 2008 8:20 pm


What a powerful book! I would like to know how you managed reading the manuscript before print. If I were you it would’ve caused me to relapse. Was it difficult on you to read, write and talk over episodes of abuse before and after publication?


Dear Henry,

Yes, I agree, Switching Time is a powerful book! And I appreciate you saying so! This book was meant to be written. I am glad to have been a part of something that will help others complete their own journeys. Of course, at first it was difficult to read through the manuscript. How could it not be? I had to relive all that happened, time and again. But it was worth it. Each time I read the manuscript I grew stronger in spirit. Having read my story and contributed to the writing gave me the determination to move forward. How many of us can look back and read, in black and white, all that we’ve accomplished? I already knew all about what happened to me, but yes, reading it was hard to do.

I believe this book gave me more strength than if it weren’t written. I was able to meet all the alters in the way Dr. Baer knew them. Of course, my alters were a part of me and lived within me, but I couldn’t know them in the same way he did. In this book, Dr. Baer’s descriptions brought my alters to life for me.

There continues to be times when I become overwhelmed with having my story published. Talking about my past isn’t always pleasant. But all in all, I believe sharing what Dr. Baer and I have gone through has been a once in a lifetime journey that needed to be told. I believe it’s important for me to talk about my journey. It is my hope that through my sharing, others will find hope within themselves.



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