Karen Answers Azkadelia’s Second Question

Comment by Azkadelia on August 10, 2008 8:26 pm

When there is “weirdness” or “perverted actions” there are problems. Masked or not, and as sad as it seems there are people in this world, such as Karen’s abusers, that are sick and don’t advertise their actions. Also, you said you can’t believe anything like this could happen in Chicago in the sixties? I find it hard to believe you honestly believe that statement. The sixties in Chicago weren’t all that great with radical movements and gang/mob activity, so is Karen’s experience really as shocking as you think?

Karen’s response to this question is spot on, you were extremely lucky to not be affected in a negative way by these people. Also, even though Karen and Dr. Baer have made the decision not to share the location where she grew up, it doesn’t matter. Chicago, Florida, Rhode Island or where ever, this type of thing happens everywhere and these types of people are everywhere.

Dear Azkadelia,

Sounds like Dennis’ question has upset you. I can understand why. I can tell how you felt. And I appreciate hearing from you. There are many who may not believe the possibility of abuse happening, even when it’s under their own eyes. The men who abused me didn’t look like monsters, nor did they show their weirdness in public. As a matter of fact, they were all employed in well paying jobs, and some were prominent neighborhood figures. All was kept hush-hush in those days. Yet, it happened, and no one dared talk about it.

Thank you for your thoughts and comments. I am sure many readers felt the same as you. I know I did.




  1. Dear Karen,
    I think a lot of people will deny the facts and refuse to believe that immature, disfunctional and sadistic adults permit themselves to hurt children (young girls) in mainstream American cities, hidden in mainstream American culture. Would Dennis and his like be so incredulous if your story came out of England? or Egypt? or India? or China even? Children are bought and sold (filmed, assaulted, abused) illegally in the modern world because there is a market for it and your father and friends just took what was there. You are spot on in your reply and I’m sure many women have felt angry at the question I refer to because it’s exactly the head in the sand attitude that allows this kind of horror to happen in the first place. America is a country of plenty, of anything goes, permissiveness and porn included, founded on a puritanical framework of Christian morality that often denies rather than faces the darkest aspects of human behavior. Dennis ought to think harder about those men and the ‘weirdness’ of the 60’s because it is not ok to just dismiss it as ‘spirit of the times’. People get hurt, and you’re right Karen, children are all adults’ responsibilities, not just their parents’ and in a way young people in our society belong to all of us. Irena

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