Karen Answers Beatrice

Comment by Beatrice on August 14, 2008 11:35 am

Dear Karen,

How wonderful it was to finish reading your story to find you are doing well and all. I admit at first I was appalled by what I read. I didn’t know if I could finish it so I put it away. In the middle of the night, two days later, I woke and had to know what happened next and read some more. What a ride reading this book. I am happy you survived and even happier to know there are doctors strong enough to handle tough cases like yours. I mean, Dr. Baer must have just as much strength as you have to survive along with you. Is he okay? Tell him Thank you from me. In the book Dr. Baer shared some of his past, too. I believe your meeting wasn’t an accident, but fate. I believe you both needed each other and that’s why your therapeutic relationship worked well. Congratulations on a journey well done.

Beatrice, Wyoming

Dear Beatrice,

I am glad to hear you finished reading, Switching Time, especially since you were initially disturbed by my story. Other readers have felt the same. When I first shared this book with friends and family, I warned them my story could be hard to read, and if they chose to read it, I asked them to finish it. By finishing the book, they would have a complete understanding of all I’ve gone through and how I healed. I hoped my story would be inspiring to others.

Dr. Baer did need lots of strength to survive me. And I continue to believe he is much stronger than I am. I do realize I was difficult to treat, and I hope he knows how grateful I am. I, too, believe it was fate that brought us together. A journey like ours comes once in a lifetime. I believe it was meant to be.

I pray for Dr. Baer everyday and for us to continue to be a part of each other’s life. We have a close and respectful friendship, and I believe the relationship we continue to share is good. I’d like to believe he needed me in some way, too. Maybe just to accomplish one small thing, like saving the life of one woman?

Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes,



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