Karen Answers Jennifer

Comment by Jennifer on August 15, 2008 9:50 pm

Dear Karen,

How amazing you are to share your story with the world! I picked up this book because it caught my attention. At first in a negative way when I read A doctors harrowing story? Second, why is this girl’s head chopped off? I thought to myself who “does this guy think he is” as if it was harrowing for the doctor and not for the patient. It seemed insulting. You were the one who suffered not him. But I bought it anyway.

After reading the entire book, my thoughts changed, it was harrowing for not only him but more so for you. It should’ve read your harrowing story instead of his. Both of you deserve an award. It’s an excellent book. The story was written in a way that you couldn’t stop reading it and when finished wanted to know more. That’s what all books should be about. I would like to see a second book written about you about what happened next. There has to be more.

There were certain parts that disturbed me and I have to know how you felt revealing the details of abuse in the book. It was so personally disturbing to read I assume you were affected. Were you forced into revealing these details? Would you say Dr. Baer enjoyed ratting you out in public for his own selfish purposes? I’m not trying to say he was wrong to write what he did but being a psychiatrist with confidential clauses, how could he? I admire your courage but am not so sure how I think about Dr. Baer.

I hope you are doing well and are living a happy life after all the hurts you had gone through.

Keep going,

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for purchasing Switching Time and reading it. I know the cover was a bit off putting, but I believe that was the point, to draw attention to it. After it was explained to me, I understood the publicity reasons for it. Our story was a harrowing one, whether Dr. Baer’s or mine. Thank you for your thoughts on a second book. You’re right, there is much more to tell.

I feel Dr. Baer was sensitive in telling my story and never forced me into sharing anything I didn’t agree on. Of course, I didn’t altogether like the idea of sharing the details of the abuse I suffered, and I admit it was difficult to decide what part of my past abuse to share and what not to share. It was important for me to share some of the details so that the reader could “feel” how horrific was the abuse I suffered. How else could what happened to me have been explained? How else could the reader understand the necessity of my mind creating alters in order to survive? We wanted to make sure that through Switching Time this illness would be explained as thoroughly as possible. I believe we accomplished this.

I believe our story was meant to be told. Dr. Baer and I survived something rare, my extraordinary illness and a turbulent therapeutic relationship. How amazing is that!



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