Karen Answers Caren

Comment by Caren on August 25, 2008 6:49 pm
Dear Karen,

Breath taking read! I could not put it down once started. Do you still talk to Richard Baer or has he been removed from your life when the book got done because you are no longer his patient? He should be lucky you shared your story for him to write. What if you said no? Was he a psychiatrist, psychotictherapist or medical doctor?

My name is Karen to only spelled different,


Dear Caren,

Thank you for the compliment! Dr. Baer is very much a part of my life. We have a close and respectful friendship, a bond, that will never be broken, no matter what. I would never think to remove him from my life. And hope he feels the same about me. Since our therapeutic relationship ended, we have worked together with the book, and shared our journey with many. Good relationships never die.

You might think Dr. Baer was lucky that I shared my story with him, but it wasn’t luck that we accomplished all that we have. Dr. Baer had worked very hard, through many years of unconditionally taking care of me. I exhausted him. I was the lucky one to have him listen to me, time and again. I’m not sure if I could’ve handled caring for someone like me. I was horrible and glad he never gave up on me. I admire him. And it is my hope he’ll always know how grateful I am for all he’s done for me.

If I would’ve said no to the writing of my story… that would have been a shame. My journey was meant to be told. I believe, despite the horror I suffered, it is an inspirational story. Dr. Baer and I, together, have accomplished something unique.

Dr. Richard Baer is a psychiatrist, which is also medical doctor.



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