Karen Answers Paula Z.

Comment by Paula Z on September 2, 2008 1:00 am

Hi Karen,

Loved your book! Dr. Baer did a great job in writing it! This book kept me on my toes, it was full of suspense and left me wanting to see what happened next. I read all your answered responses to the questions most people have. I was impressed by your answers and how well you seem to cover the questions asked of you. Most of my questions have already been answered through your answers but I have one more: How did you really feel driving to the area of your past life with Dr. Baer? Were you afraid or did you feel safe knowing that Dr. Baer was with you?

Thank you for being brave and sharing the reality of what can happen in life and why all people need to be aware of their surroundings.

Paula Z.

Dear Paula,

I appreciate all your compliments! Thank You! I’m glad to hear that many of the questions you and all of our readers have asked are being answered.

To answer your question regarding our drive to my childhood neighborhood—yes, it was frightening for me to do. However, it was something I felt I needed to do in order to put my past to rest. I was really happy that Dr. Baer accompanied me on this journey. I felt safe. With Dr. Baer driving, I was able to sit back, relax a little, and tell him where to go. If I were driving, I would’ve frozen with fear, and not have been able to continue.

All that I remembered was the same, the streets and buildings, yet, everything appeared much smaller, as if I no longer saw these sites through a horrified child’s eyes. As an adult, the buildings I was abused in, my old home, the warehouse, the church, all appeared less threatening. They were just buildings in which terrible things happened to me. But those who have abused me have died and no longer live there. The place has no more ties to me.

Dr. Baer, has been the only one I shared all the details of my past with, and I believe it was just as important for him to see all that I described during the many years of our therapeutic relationship. It was definitely a much needed ending experience for the both of us.

After this trip with Dr. Baer, I’ve never needed to go back. I’ll never forget that old neighborhood and all that happened there, but I hope the need to go back never returns.



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