Karen Answers Lorraina

Comment by Lorraina on September 6, 2008 2:30 pm

Hi Karen,

How wonderful it is to read a true story, full of hope and promise and commitment on both Dr. Baer and yourself. This book was simply amazing. I felt every moment as though I experienced it myself. I read the book quickly, and felt as though your pain was my own. No other book left me feeling this way. I recommended it to many of my friends. I only wish to have met you and hug you. Dr. Baer sounds remarkably well put together to take care of you. Tell him thank you for bringing this illness to the attention of the world. I have read other books on MPD and not one, has touched me as much as Switching Time. Congratulations to you both!

Wishing you and Richard Baer, a happy life,

Lorraina from Arkansas

Dear Lorraina,

I appreciate all that you have written. I can understand what you meant by feeling the pain I suffered as your own. This is one of the reasons Dr. Baer and I had wanted to share our story in such detail. It was important for both of us describe our journey so that the reader could feel and experience what it was like to suffer from multiple personality disorder. It wasn’t easy making the decision to share so much of myself. I surely didn’t really want for any reader to experience my pain. However, I believe it was necessary, in part, to share just enough so that this illness could be understood.

In my eyes, Dr. Baer is remarkably well put together. I am sure he appreciates all of your compliments, especially that no other book on MPD has touched you as much as Switching Time.

Thank you for your kind words, and for recommending our book to others. Dr. Baer and I really appreciate you encouraging others to read our story.



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