Karen Answers Sophie

Comment by Sophie on September 7, 2008 1:11 am

Dear Karen,

Thank you sharing your story. I am part of a book club and we will be reading Switching Time this month. We were waiting for the paperback to come out. Before we start reading I wanted to share why I recommended this book. I know you are real. I can tell. I read this book twice because I wanted to. There are many books out there that talk about the pain of child abuse.. There’s only one you. There are eighteen members to our book club so you can count on eighteen books sold. If Oprah calls you, would you go? I read you are trying to be discreet and chose not to be known. Is this true? I think you are terrific and would like to see you reach more people around the world. So many women would benefit from knowing you. Please reconsider anonymity. You will be respected, not harmed.

Much love,


Dear Sophie,

You’re welcome! Thank you believing in me. You’re right, there’s only one me. I am real. And yes, my story is true. My story may be one of only a few that talks personally and truthfully about the effects of child abuse. Awareness is so important in preventing child abuse.

Thank you for suggesting Switching Time for your book club! I am also a book club member. I haven’t yet shared with the women in my club that I am the subject of a book. I’ve wondered about whether or not my story would be accepted. I am new to my book club group, joining just last year, and haven’t formed relationships with all of the women yet. With each of the books I’ve read, I’ve grown stronger in accepting myself. Many of the books have had horrific happenings, and I empathize with each book I read. Please let me know how your discussion goes with Switching Time. Maybe someday I’ll share my story with my own club.

Regarding my being discreet and not being known; there’s a bit of a misunderstanding about this. I originally chose to be anonymous for several reasons. I feared family and friends wouldn’t accept me if they knew my real story. But as time has passed, and more of those close to me discovered I was “Karen”, I found they didn’t reject me, but accepted and supported me. I also have grown children who I’d never wish to be the subject of their friends’ disapproval. Although my children accept my story being published, I feel a mother’s need to protect them.

As the book moves forward, and with the paperback coming out, I’ve come to accept myself as ‘Karen,” a survivor of MPD. And of course, if Oprah should call, I would go. I’ve always admired Oprah and would love to speak with her. Oprah has inspired me for many years. My ex-alters loved her; one even wrote her a letter! Like Oprah, my dream is to help women who are in distress know they are not alone. I pray Switching Time will benefit women around the world, and I pray for respect for myself. I believe sharing my story was meant to be.

Dr. Baer and I, appreciate the sales coming from your book club. If your club has questions, post them here!



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