Karen Answers Barb

Comment by Barb on September 15, 2008 3:51 pm
Hi Karen,

This is so great! You answering question not only about the book but what’s not in the book. I am curious like everyone else and have a strange question for you. What zodiac sign are you?

I am not one those strange people who only believe in the stars. I am only curious because you seem to draw and know how to reach everyone through your answers. I think you are multi-talented, so maybe you are a earth or water sign? If it’s possible can you find out what sign is Richard Baer?

Do you know that you are gifted more than the average bear?

Lot’s of luck to you and Richard, great book!


Dear Barb,

Thank you for your curiosity in knowing more about me and Dr. Baer. I do appreciate you feeling that I can reach people through my answers. This is important to me. However, this comes from my personal journey and the experiences I have had. I’m not sure about whether I’m a water or earth sign, but I’m a Gemini and Dr. Baer said he’s an Aquarius. What I do know for sure is we work well together.

Have a nice day, and thank you for sharing your enthusiasm regarding my answering all of the questions asked here.



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