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Comment by MD on September 11, 2008 5:44 am
Dear Karen,

Switching Time, is breathtaking! It was well written and very detailed in explaining the cause and effect of multiple personality disorder or now known, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Remarkable read! Congratulations to you and Dr. Richard Baer!

Keep up the great job in answering these questions! Keep your spirits up and please make sure Dr. Baer is there for you when you need him. He should not let you go into another depression because of bringing up the past. He must continue to care for you. Does he? Does he know how the emotional toll in doing something like this can cause a relapse one day? I hope you haven’t relapsed yet. It’s inevitable. I hope you are aware of this?

I am a psychiatrist who is concerned about your mental well being. I assume you must be feeling overwhelmed, not only with answering these type of questions, but with your personal life. Who is there for you now? If you need another therapist to replace Dr. Baer, I’d love to help? I am Chicago based.

Loved your ability to survive such horror.

Take Care!

Dear MD,

Thank you for your compliments and for your concern about my mental well being. I enjoy answering these questions; it’s therapy for me. I admit there are times I feel overwhelmed and a bit emotional, but this is what I choose to do with my life. It’s always been important to me to help others. I have survived something horrific and am glad to help now in any way I can. I know there are many who are in need of inspiring stories to help them complete their own journeys, and it is my hope they may find strength through reading Switching Time.

I do try my best to keep my spirits up! And, yes, Dr. Baer is there for me whenever I feel overwhelmed or overly emotional. Dr. Baer knows me better than I know myself. He is very concerned, is in touch with me on a regular basis, and makes sure the lines of communication between us stay open. I feel optimistic that if I started to fall into another depression, he would see this and would help me through it. I am sure Dr. Baer knows and understands the possible emotional toll all this can be on me. Talking about my past isn’t always pleasant, but I feel certain I won’t relapse. I am aware of my feelings and I share them with Dr. Baer.

I appreciate your offer to be a therapist for me. But I am doing as well as can be expected, and have Dr. Baer and great friends who support me.



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