Karen Answers Michael

Comment by Michael on September 12, 2008 6:40 pm
Hey Karen,

I just started reading your story and am almost near the end and couldn’t wait to share my first thoughts. The brain you have looks the same as anyone’s brain right? How did your brain work? I assume, like Einstein’s. It has me thinking that you had to use more parts of your brain to develop the alternate personalities and to keep them separate. If you used more of your brain to accomplish this, then what happened to your brain when you integrated? Did you lose much function and get depressed? Did parts of your brain die? When you die will you donate your brain to science? I think your brain must look different. Can you ask your doctor to answer this question if you can’t? I want to know how it is possible for a brain to work like yours and if you can teach people to use more parts of their brain like you do?

The way you used your brain is so fascinating. Please write more about it.


Dear Michael,

I appreciate your questions and feel there are reasons for the way my mind had created alternate personalities in order for me to survive the horrific abuse I had suffered as a child. My brain looks exactly the same as everyone’s brain, I’m sure, but just as each of us is unique and individual, no two brains work the same. I did not lose any brain function after integration. Dr. Baer described the process of integrating to me as if there were partitions between the separate personalities, and with integration, the partitions came down, one by one, and what was separate in the brain could then be shared. So nothing was really lost.

Donating my brain to science? I haven’t thought much about this, but I am an organ donor. I don’t think my brain would look any different than anyone else’s. I don’t think I could teach others how to use their brain the way I did. My way of coping with my childhood abuse was something beyond my control. Believe me, you would only become a multiple personality if you had to.

Thank you for all your interest and questions,



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