Karen Answers Tara

Comment by Tara on September 15, 2008 12:02 am

Just curious? If I knew someone who said she knew you, would you acknowledge this person here in your q & a? This person in question claims to know you personally. I admire you, and said so. This person said you are real and her friend? We live in Rhode Island. Do you have a friend in Rhode Island?

I would also like to know more about what was not written in the book, like how you and your psychiatrist author communicated during years of therapy. Did he write all that you said down as he listened to you or did you write everything down for him before your appointments? I journal, did you? If you did, Who has access to all your journals? Can your journals be viewed online?

I read Switching Time three times and tried to analyze it. It’s impossibly great! What a puzzle! A true mind teaser. Great writing!


Dear Tara,

I’m not sure if I have a friend in Rhode Island. However, it’s possible. I have many friends; some I have lost contact with over the years. If she knows me she would know how to find me, if she wanted to.

There is definitely much more of my journey with Dr. Baer that hasn’t been published. I have always journaled. My journals and writings are in the care of Dr. Baer and myself. We haven’t published them for viewing on line; there’s just too much.

Dr. Baer and I communicated verbally and through my written words. Dr. Baer also took many notes during our sessions. Since I always wrote to him, much of what I shared with Dr. Baer was documented in my writings. For me, writing was an escape. I wrote to vent on paper what I could not always verbally share. Mailing these writings to Dr. Baer seemed to set me free. There was always too much to share during our limited session times. Besides, writing helped me let go of my pain and helped Dr. Baer understand me more.

Thank you for reading Switching Time and trying to analyze it. And, thank you, for your compliments, especially that Switching Time is a puzzle and a true mind teaser!



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