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Comment by J on September 15, 2008 4:57 pm
Dear K,

I chose Hershel Walkers book over yours, while looking for a good book to read on DID. I was really disappointed in Hershels book that I went back, to return it, couldn’t, and bought Switching Time anyway. I felt Herschel wasn’t a DID suffer. I wanted truth about this illness. But, your story, now this is a story to remember! I would like to tell all readers to buy Switching Time for a true story and not waste their time on other books of nonsense.


Dear J,

Thank you for buying our book and believing in our true story. Dr. Baer and I worked very hard to share this truth.

I read Herschel Walker’s book, too, and felt it was more of a football story. But who am I to judge? It’s Herschel’s story and he wrote about what he experienced during his childhood. I wrote what I had experienced in mine. I can’t say he wasn’t a multiple, but in order to be a multiple, you have to have dissociative episodes. It’s a dissociative disorder, right? I don’t think he described that kind of experience. I never met Herschel but I would be interested in sitting down with him and sharing our experiences. It’s obvious Herschel felt hurt. I developed multiplicity from horrific abuse, but I didn’t see any of that as I read Herschel’s book. But I suppose no two cases are alike. We both felt hurt and both chose to write about it in order to help others. I wish Herschel well.

All my best,



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