Karen Answers Sophie’s Second Question

Comment by Sophie on September 15, 2008 4:10 pm
Dear Karen,

Much success to you and Richard Baer! Thank you for answering my previous comment. Our book club members started picking up Switching Time but the book stores were already out, a few didn’t even have them out yet. This is an injustice to the book. We have some copies ordered and should be receiving them shortly. I did buy one and want to thank whoever added the discussion questions at the back of the book. I had volunteered to write up some questions for our club and this saved me a lot of guess work. I hope this book reaches college psychology classes and groups for discussion. I will write back after our next meeting to share our discussions and ask any questions we couldn’t answer for ourselves.

Thank you,

Dear Sophie,

I’m sorry you weren’t able to pick up all the books you needed for your book club, but I’m glad you were able to order them and will have them in a few days! I don’t believe the book stores are trying to do an injustice to our book. It’s all about distribution and shelf space, and they only order a certain number of copies at a time. They order more as the book sells.

I will accept your compliment on behalf of the person at Random House who wrote the questions at the back of the book. I’m glad to hear they are helpful to you. It’s our hope that Switching Time will be discussed by many book clubs and psychology students. I believe my story can engage great discussions. To believe, or not to believe; it’s a mysterious illness!
I look forward to hearing from you, after your club’s discussion.



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