Karen Answers Vanessa

Comment by Vanessa on September 17, 2008 2:14 pm

Hi Karen!

I have a critical personality. I judge everyone. Sometimes I think I hate everyone. When I picked up Switching Time to read at the airport when my flight was delayed because of Ike, I already preconceived the worst. I thought to myself, no way! Only there was something entertaining about someone switching time to cope. I thought this book should keep me busy for awhile. I bought the book and found myself trapped in your journey. It was unbelievable for sure, but no one could possibly make up or survive what you have survived without creating alternate ways to deal with your inner pain. How horrific you suffered. Well, I am a doubting Thomas and can’t criticize your story. I think this is a first for me, my first time, ever? I believe in you and can only say, you go girl! Spread your story and remember there are people like me who judge others, who can learn a lesson from you. I sure did.


Dear Vanessa,

I really appreciate your letter! I’m glad your chose to write and share your thoughts and doubts about multilple personality disorder. Your email is very important to me. It helps me not only to continue sharing, but also to feel respected for sharing my story. I do know there are those who don’t believe in MPD. I’ve accepted this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I didn’t chose to have MPD. It happened. I was fortunate to survive years of abuse through dissociation. I myself have also doubted other’s stories on this illness. But here I am, a survivor of MPD.

I invite any who have doubts to simply ask me any questions that cause them to disbelieve. I will answer their questions here. Maybe those who have doubts could then understand why my mind needed to create such a complicated coping mechanism in order to survive.

I have been blessed and believe there is a reason for everything. This is my time to heal, share, and make a difference by bringing awareness to an unbelievable, fascinating, and mysterious illness.

Thank you for reading my story, changing your thoughts, and believing in me.



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