Karen Answers Morgan Faye

Comment by Morgan Faye on September 17, 2008 4:42 pm

Dear Karen Overhill and Richard Baer,

I’ve been in therapy for twelve years now and until I read your book I thought I was the only one who needed intensive therapy from past childhood abuse. I felt ashamed to tell anyone because no one would believe that it would take so long to get over what you and me and other children had experienced while being abused. I hated having to defend myself so I didn’t tell anyone. Is this why you didn’t tell many people?

Thank you for telling your story so that people like me won’t have to feel ashamed that we take a little longer than most to heal. I felt refreshed and good enough to continue my healing because I now know it will get better someday, like you did Karen. I have my own Doctor Baer, and he’s been a great therapist, too! I gave him my copy of your book after I finished reading it. He said it was written very well. I don’t have MPD but I do dissociate. I have less episodes since I am in therapy, every year I have less. There are good therapists out there and you and I found them. I wish all people be as lucky as we are.

Thanks to you, Karen and Richard Baer, I won’t give up,

Morgan Faye

Dear Morgan Faye,

Thank you for sharing your experiences of therapy. I can empathize with your reluctance to share what happened to you. During my early years in therapy, the first ten or so, I didn’t share with anyone except Dr. Baer. I, too, kept my sessions and journey secret. I’m not sure whether it was shame alone that kept me from sharing. I believe there were other reasons, like I didn’t want the attention, I feared my children could be in danger, or I thought no one could possibly believe what I would tell them.

Trust is very important to me, and I couldn’t trust anyone. I needed to build a foundation of trust with Dr.Baer first before I could begin to take a chance and trust others.

I am glad to hear you’ve found your own therapist who is there for you. I know how it feels to be in therapy for a long time. It takes time and patience to heal. I’m glad you’re not giving up, and having fewer dissociative episodes each year means your therapy is working for you. I wish you well.

Also, Thank you for sharing Switching Time with your therapist. There are good therapists out there and we were each lucky to find one.



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