Karen Answers A.J.

Comment by A.J. on September 18, 2008 10:35 pm
Dear Karen,

Since you integrated do you ever have a bad day? Who takes care of things now that Holdon isn’t around anymore? Do you still suffer headaches?


Dear A.J.,

A bad day? Of course, I do! Doesn’t everyone? I am just like everyone else who has a bad day once in awhile. And when I do, I try my best to pull myself out of the slump. Since I no longer lose time to alternate selves, I’ve found dealing with everything on my own frustrating at times. There are days I wish I could still lose time. However, realistically, switching time was never a pleasurable experience. I deal with everything on my own now.

My ex-alters have all been integrated within me and are now a part of me. I no longer experience their individual selves. I know that there are days I may feel more like a Holdon, Katherine or Claire, and there are other days I may feel like one of the others. But now I am just me, Karen, one woman.

I rarely suffer from headaches these days. As a matter of fact, when I do and it lasts longer than a day, I make sure I get checked for why. In the past, my headaches were severe and were caused by the stress of switching between alternate personalities.

Thank you for your questions,



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