Karen Answers Kyle

Comment by Kyle on September 18, 2008 10:31 pm
Hi Karen!

Your story has left me in awe! My question to you is: How did you manage to get Dr. Baer to treat you without additional help? Or rather, now that you are healed do you feel Dr. Baer had taken advantage of your case for his own selfish reason to publish a book? Most psychiatrists, who are really medical doctors, never deal with patients in the way Dr. Baer has treated you. Most psychiatrists as far as I know, pass the buck over to the less qualified psychologists, social workers, counselors or even to group therapy centers. Your case must of been so different for him to take you on himself. Would you agree?


Dear Kyle,

It’s nice to hear my story has left you in awe. Regarding my therapeutic relationship with Dr. Baer, I don’t think additional help ever occurred to us, at least not to me. When I started therapy with Dr. Baer, I had no idea how therapy worked. Dr. Baer didn’t transfer his patients, as far as I know, to other therapists. He was a psychoanalyst, and preferred to talk to his patients himself. All I knew was that I needed help, and Dr. Baer provided me with it. If I had thought I would be referred out to someone else, I would’ve been frightened off and discontinue therapy altogether. I believe Dr. Baer suspected I couldn’t comprehend all that was happening to me. If he had sent me off to someone else, spent less time with me, and didn’t believe my case was complex, I would’ve been lost in the system and may have never survived.

Is Dr. Baer selfish? I don’t think so. Early on, I knew far before he did that there was something very wrong with me. It’s why I sought help. I had been losing time long before the start of our relationship. I was too ashamed in the beginning to tell him for fear of him disbelieving me. It took time to for me to build trust. I had no idea I was an unusual case; I’d never heard of MPD, and I never felt I was treated any different than other patients. He never made me feel he was taking advantage of me, and I was very sensitive to such things. We never discussed a book until well after I was integrated, after about 10 years of therapy. And although a book was written, who could’ve guaranteed it would be published? And why would Dr. Baer spend eighteen years treating me; just in hopes of publishing a book? It may be true that most psychiatrists don’t go to these lengths to treat patients, but I consider myself lucky Dr. Baer took me on.

I believe my work with Dr. Baer was a success because he took extra time, beyond his call of duty, to make sure I was properly taken care of. We worked together well. I am very grateful for all he’s done for me and believe without his help, I surely wouldn’t be here today answering your questions.

Thank you for your compliment and challenging questions,



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