Karen Answers Trina

Comment by Trina on September 22, 2008 6:34 pm
Dear Karen.

What would happen to you if you became stressed out again? Do you think you can reincarnate the old alters or born new alters? What kind of psych drugs do you take to prevent this from happening?

Switching Time is a book to read and think about, I am glad to experience this journey with you,


Dear Trina,

I have been stressed more than a few times since the integrations of each of my seventeen alters, but my ex-alters have never returned. Not even one. I admit there have been a few moments I wished one or two of them would have come back, but no luck. Integration was a success. I highly doubt any alters will “reincarnate” and don’t believe it’s possible any new alters will be born. The reason for developing the alternate personalities in the first place came from my unconscious need to protect myself during my childhood while I suffered from horrific abuse. I am an adult now and deal with life and its difficulties as an adult.

I have not been on any psych drugs for over fifteen years. I don’t believe there are any drugs that can prevent alters from forming. If there are, I’ve never heard of them.

Thank you for your thoughts on sharing this journey with me,



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