Karen Answers “Charles”

Comment by “Charles” on September 25, 2008 12:35 pm

Dear Karen,

I know you. Your story is eye-opening and very humbling. You are completely genuine, unique, a pleasure to know and never once looked for attention because of your past experiences. As a matter of fact, until you shared that Karen, is you, in the book Switching Time, I would’ve never guessed. I respect you for trying to protect your friends, including me, and your family, from the horrors you once suffered. I can understand why you felt no one would believe you, but knowing you as I do just has me respecting you all the more. I speak for all those who personally know you, WE, don’t need protection and want to be there for you!

I know it’s hard to change the mind set of people. Those who chose to work against assumptions and perceptions of the illness MPD have their work cut out for them. I read somewhere that if you look at the mind, consciousness, and the brain, the assumption that the mind and brain are the same is fine for most circumstances, because in 99% of circumstances we can’t separate the mind and brain; they work at the exactly the same time. Is this true? Can you ask Dr. Baer to answer this part?

I marvel your brain and how you survived. Do you know if there is any new science being studied? Your way of coping is an extreme example of what scientists need to look into? Has any medical professionals studying the mind contacted you? I know you, and Dr Baer, can help clear up the confusion and misunderstandings of MPD.

Good Luck and hope you sell a million books!


Dear “Charles”,

I truly appreciate your letter being sent anonymously. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and words. I’ve always tried my best to protect those close to me because I’d never intend to hurt anyone. I never meant to disrespect anyone by not revealing my past; it was more that I needed relationships that didn’t focus on the victim I once was. I desired normal friendships. I enjoy and treasure my friends, and wouldn’t trade in anyone. I am grateful that each of you, my true friends, respects me for who I am, and has supported me through my sharing my journey.

Dr. Baer always remarked how interesting it was that a normal human brain (mine!) could organize itself in this unique way: through dissociating between part personalities. I don’t know about the research being done about how the mind works, but I think Dr. Baer is writing another book about this.

Dr. Baer and I hope through Switching Time we can help clear up the confusion and misunderstanding about MPD. Learning about MPD and the type of therapy Dr.Baer treated me with may be helpful to medical students and professionals. We hope to bring more awareness to this illness and would be interested in talking to any professionals who may be in the middle of researching MPD. We invite them to post their questions here!

Thank you, friend, for believing in me and my therapeutic journey. We, too, hope to sell a million books!



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