Karen Answers Jerry

Comment by Jerry on September 23, 2008 6:54 pm


In response to another q & a you received and answered, I, too, bought this book while waiting for a flight, sat down and quickly became engrossed in your story, which amazed me. I am a lawyer, and like one previous q, is full of skepticism about mpd. That is until now! I finished the book, of course. The problem is I can’t stop thinking about you, the therapy, and your relationship with your psychiatrist. I need to know if your were properly taken care of legally? I would imagine you to be extremely gullible and not one to make the best decisions. Were you coerced into selling your story, giving up your rights and left unprotected? Considering all that you went through in this lifetime I can’t imagine you are where you need to be.

I never blog, think it to be a waste of energy and time. I had to ask these questions for my own selfish reasons. I read through every q & a in this site and have to say, you sound well grounded, caring and nice.

Best to you.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for reading Switching Time and coming to a better understanding of the illness I once suffered. I know there are many who are full of scepticism, and I am glad you shared yours with me. Having this illness made it difficult to comprehend myself, so I can empathize with all those who disbelieve. I, too, have read stories and have been sceptical.

I appreciate your concern about my relationship with Dr. Baer and whether, legally, I was properly taken care of. I am not gullible. Dr. Baer has been very thorough in explaining all the legalities to me, and I had my own attorney. Was I coerced into selling my story? No, I wasn’t. I never gave up my rights, and I don’t feel unprotected, but thank you for your concern.

I’m trying to be where I need to be. I look forward to my future.



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