Karen Answers Melody

Comment by Melody on September 26, 2008 7:16 pm

Dear Karen,

Unbelievable! I have never read something like this before. I am overwhelmed with fascination of both you and the doc. His writing kept me engrossed. I was crying as I read the epilogue. The love between the two of you really shows in between the lines. How he cared for you and you for him and what you’ve accomplished together was no mistake. It was one of those unpredictable once in a lifetime chances. God surely meant for you two to work together. I hope you both are well and hope that he never lets you out of his sight. Karen, stay strong. Doc, be proud!

Yeah, thumbs up!


Dear Melody,

Thank you so much for recognizing the true depth of Dr. Baer’s and my amazing journey in healing. The epilogue still brings tears to my eyes, too! Dr. Baer and I do deeply care for each other. We wanted to create the best way to tell our story, and he did an amazing job in capturing it! I also believe it was no mistake that we were brought together to accomplish this one great thing; it was fate, God sent, and a once in a lifetime chance to experience something extraordinary. I am blessed and hope he feels the same. We are both doing well as can be expected after an overwhelming year with the book. I will continue to keep my spirits and strength up. I am sure Dr. Baer is proud, and I, too, hope he never lets me out of his sight!

Thank you for your compliments, and for your wonderful spirit,



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