Karen Answers Maximillian

Comment by Maximillian on September 22, 2008 4:57 pm

Hello Karen,

What’s up? I read through the first hundred fifty pages before putting this book down, finished the rest through the night and wanted to say you are a true miracle. I could definitely say God has chosen you to do his work here on earth and share your story to help bring faith in His work to all. I believe you have survived for His purpose. God Bless You! Please keep your faith. Don’t ever give up, the people in the world who have suffered abuse need to read this book and get know you. You answering questions is great! I bet you draw people to you, don’t you? I know there’s more to you that needs to be shared. Don’t ever forget who you’re working for. Look up!

Thank you and Richard Baer for writing this book!


Dear Maximillian,

Thank you for having faith in me and believing that God has a purpose for me. Maybe His purpose is being expressed through sharing my story and answering these questions. I believe there is a reason for everything. God willing, I will continue to survive and share my journey and experiences with those who are willing to listen. It is my hope to continue to help others understand the illness I suffered, multiple personality disorder, and the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

I’m not sure why I draw people to me, but I do! Perhaps this is because I am sensitive to my surroundings and everyone near me at all times. I believe this is a gift. I enjoy listening to others.

I have been blessed many times. And, yes, I do look up!



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