Karen Ansers Nathan

Comment by Nathan on September 29, 2008 11:57 am

Hi Karen,

I am concerned as to how you can answer these questions without symptoms of regression. I am a psychologist; attending to this task can have irreversible effects on you. Who is treating you at this time? Does your new caregiver understand the complications associated with recalling your past constantly? Have you shared you are answering questions? This can’t be a good idea. Who will help you up when you fall?

Switching Time is incredible, shocking and fantastic. The conflict you lived with is inconceivable. Richard Baer appears to be a strutter. Karen, you are a true survivor, no one without alternate personalities could have survived what you did. Bravo!

Long Island

Dear Nathan,

I appreciate your concern for my well being. I have not had any regression symptoms or issues with answering the questions posted here. I admit, some of the questions I answer can be tough, but so far, I’ve had no lasting side effects. I write the answers quickly. As a matter of fact, answering questions has brought me to a better understanding of myself. I have learned that I have retained a wealth of information and believe that in sharing, I’ve become a better woman. I believe it’s important for everyone to understand MPD that I once suffered, and to know that I am real.

No one is “treating” me at this time. I live my life the best I can. I admit this year has been an overwhelming year with the book coming out. I continue to hope for new personal growth. On bad days, Dr. Baer, listens to me, understands me, and is there for me. If I should become overwhelmed or stressed, he is there when I fall. And I am so very grateful he continues to care.

I believe answering these blog questions is a good idea; this not only helps me to help others, it helps those who suffer to believe in his or her own self; to know their healing is possible, too.

Thank you for all of your compliments,



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