Karen Answer Inga

Comment by Inga on September 29, 2008 7:07 pm
Hi Karen,

Loved the book. Love your spirit. Tell me, what are your thoughts on people? Do certain types of unions disturb you now that you are one woman? Where do your interests lie in relationships of the same sex, opposite sex? Do you hate men because of the men who abused you? What types of people irritate you? Annoy you?

Thank you,

Dear Inga,

Thank you for your compliments. Although I appreciate your interest in me on a personal note, certain things must be kept private. I care about all people. I don’t have any particular thoughts regarding same sex, opposite sex relationships. I believe each of us is unique, and it’s our own individuality that makes us who we are. I am attracted to the minds of the people I meet, by being attuned to their spirit. I enjoy all types of people and have never been one to judge anyone. If we were all the same, everyone would be boring. And the only types of unions that disturb me are when I witness couples disrepect or spew words of hatred and anger towards each other. I can’t handle violence.

I do not hate men because of my past abusers. But I may be more attuned to certain things and may get ill feelings with certain male personality traits that were similar to the men who once abused me. It’s like a red flag warning, and I become cautious. I’ll never pre-judge a man, however. I trust my instincts, and they are usually right. This way, I hope to never allow myself to be abused again. I am just like everyone; we all live and learn.

There are a few types of people who irritate and annoy me. I think we all have someone in our lives who trigger these emotions. For me, it’s those who disrespect, take advantage, and manipulate people. I’ve experienced this more than a few times and don’t like it. It’s always a challenge for me when I meet someone I suspect of this; caring too much for people can cause me problems. So I try my best to stay away from this type of person.

Thank you for loving our book and my spirit,



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