Karen Answers Christina Maria

Comment by Christina Maria on September 29, 2008 3:25 pm

Dear Karen,

Thank you for allowing Richard Baer towrite this book about you. He sounds like he really cared for you at one time. I am also a victim of child abuse and tried to forget about it without luck. I wish I could dissociate my pain like you did. In this book you and your doctor show great strength. It would be great to see a serial show like this. There is a lot of information in this book and probably not written in this book that canmake many episodes. I like to thank your doctor to.How do I write to him?

Christina Maria

Dear Christina Maria,

You’re welcome! However, not only did I allow Dr. Baer to write this book about me, we agreed together that our journey was meant to be written. Dr. Baer did care and continues to care.

I am sorry to hear you were also a victim of child abuse. I know how hard it is to forget about the pain that surrounds your daily life because of what happened long ago. I am not a therapist and can’t give advice, but I believe you may benefit from therapy. Trying to forget won’t help. Talking it through with qualified help may lessen the pain you hold within yourself. For me, this unexplainable inner pain that once threatened to destroy and end my life, left me feeling depressed and suicidal. What helped me was talking about it, writing about it, in a safe way, in private with my own therapist. Please know, that dissociating pain doesn’t help, it just prolongs the suffering, with additional annoyances such as losing time and not knowing who you really are.

Thank you for believing a series could be something of interest. Dr. Baer and I appreciate your compliments. He reads these questions and answers and has heard your thanks. You’re right; we definitely have enough written information to make a series!



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