Karen Answers Jacob’s Second Question

Comment by Jacob on September 30, 2008 9:42 pm
Hi Karen, it’s me again, Jacob!

I did it! I sold four of your paperbacks, loaned mine to one! The group loved what I told them and couldn’t wait to read it. In three days everyone finished it. I could read another part to this. I know, I know, this was intense enough! I won this week’s book selection of our most interesting finds, that’s why everyone chose your story. I even stumped them all today when we met again to talk the book over. I didn’t tell anyone about your answers and got a lot of “how do you know?” looks? Well, I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore and told them about this site.

Good thoughts,

Dear Jacob,

That’s great news! Not only did you win last week’s most interesting book find, but you even stumped your friends and sold four books! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm! It’s really nice to hear stories like this. I know my story is intense, but Dr. Baer and I really felt sharing it would help others to understand this illness.

Good thoughts to you and your friends!



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