Karen Answers Matt B.

Comment by Matt B on September 29, 2008 3:38 am

Excellent book, Karen!

Out of all the books I have read in the last several years, this is the only one that gave me such an emotional response. It was like I was there with you. I did have a couple questions; however, after reading through all your answers I found exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks to your incredible writing skills and detailed answers, of course!

I was disappointed, however, to not see your name listed as an author or co-author. I see your writing skills in these posts and in my eyes there is no question you significantly contributed to this book. I’m sure Dr. Baer was great a vehicle for your healing, however, we all know you are the real star here. It was even one of your alters that guided him! Amazing! I honestly do hope to see another book by you about your life… sans the doc. I think I speak for most when I say we are interested in your life and your point of view, not so much the docs.

I have to add that it amazes me to see this many people who are so intrigued after reading the book that they not only take the time to search for more information on the net, but take the time and energy to write questions! It just proves how truly amazing you are!

Matt B

Dear Matt B.

Your compliments are flattering, but I could not have possibly accomplished this on my own. Dr. Baer had been the one who had endlessly worked hard to treat me. He deserves a medal for treating me, and for having the strength needed to endure all that I’ve put him through. I certainly wouldn’t be here without his commitment to helping me. I’ve been blessed.

I appreciate your thoughts on my having my name on the book as co-author, but Dr. Baer worked very hard in putting together years of my writings, his notes, and using our memory together in telling my story, in the best way possible so that we could share it with the world. I believe Switching Time is the first book written that covers, from start to finish, the entire therapeutic years of treatment of one true multiple personality disorder case. Writing this book required amazing teamwork, trust, and respect from each of us. Neither of us could’ve written this alone because it is “our” journey, one doctor and his patient.

Thank you for all your compliments, especially that Switching Time has given you such an emotional response and that all your questions are being answered through this blog. I’m impressed that you actually read through all the questions and answers, there are so many now. It amazes me too that so many are intrigued after reading the book, and check out our website, read through the questions and answers and ask one if they want to. I am also amazed that there haven’t been many duplicate questions, which proves to me, that the readers really do read this blog.



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