Karen Answers Sgt. Jack

Comment by Jack on September 30, 2008 1:19 am

In a previous answer you wrote your son was in the military. What branch and did he serve in Iraq? How did you deal with this and multiplicity at the same time? How did your daughter deal with you, her brother in the military and her father who drank?

I believe you to be absolutely the most interesting person I have read about. Thanks to Dr. Richard Baer for his fine work, especially with you being his first patient of this illness. How he managed your illness cold turkey is unimaginable. Good wishes sent to both of you.

Keeping you both in my prayers.
Sgt. Jack

Dear Sgt. Jack,

Yes, my son was in the military, serving five years, with three tours in Iraq. I am proud of him for serving our country. I appreciate your interest in the branch my son served. However, I don’t wish to share this information at this time, for privacy reasons. He may be an adult, but I am still his mother, and wish to keep certain things confidential. I’m sorry.

My illness wasn’t an issue during the time my son served. I had already integrated all of my alternate personalities beforehand, and was well on my way to being healed. My ex-husband and I were divorced before my son set off to boot camp. During this time my children’s father and I stayed in contact, for my son, while he served during the war. While my son served in the military, my daughter and I lived together without her father. My ex-husband’s drinking problem wasn’t a part of our lives during this time. Although sometimes his calls left my daughter unsettled, we worked through these times together. My daughter is well adjusted, confident, and determined to succeed. It is my hope that neither of my children ever suffer as a result of my illness or their father’s alcoholism in the future.

Thank you for all your compliments! We truly appreciate each and every one, especially you finding me an interesting person, and for Dr. Baer, who definitely has done fine work in treating me and writing our story.



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