Karen Answers Wendy

Comment by Wendy on October 3, 2008 2:41 pm

Hey Karen,

I just bought the paperback Switching Time of your life written by Richard Baer. I read it and decided to buy the hard cover just because I wanted it on the shelf. The cover designs on both were interesting and eye catching. Hard covers are always a better choice for keeps, paperbacks are for show and sharing. Both books look great! Thank you’s sent to the artists!

For Richard Baer, you did a great job explaining MPD! I agree with you, MPD is a more suitable diagnosis than DID. Why did the DSM change this? What was the purpose? DID is vague. MPD is pronounced. Are you planning on speaking at any conferences regarding this illness? Please add information here.

The story’s written work was WOW! The care between doctor and patient is evident.
Good wishes to you both.


Dear Wendy,

Thank you for buying Switching Time, twice! Yes, I agree, the designs on both versions, the hard cover and the soft cover, are interesting and eye catching. I will send on this thank you to the artists who designed them.

Thank you also for your compliments on our story’s writing. Dr. Baer worked for several years on not only the accuracy of our story, but also on the telling of it. We also appreciate hearing your desire of a possible conference on the illness I survived, MPD. If we have information on this, we will post it here. Thank you for your request.

And, yes, Dr. Baer and I certainly care for each other. A journey like ours happens once in a lifetime.



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