Karen Answers Sophie

Comment by Sophie on October 4, 2008 2:06 pm
Dear Karen,

Our book club turned into an adventure that lasted over three hours, an hour and a half over the usual norm of these book club get togethers. We have come up with many questions but are happy to say most were already answered through your column. Most of the club women want to know more about your life when you weren’t in session. What did you do to live from one appointment to the next?

We had a great discussion. The ladies opinions of Switching Time? They loved the book, loved Richard and loved you even more. There were so many things to talk about. In the end, we all agreed this illness is true and you story truthfully written.

God bless you.

Dear Sophie,

Thank you writing me back and sharing the discussions from your book club. I’m glad to hear that your group found Switching Time interesting enough to continue the conversation far after the usual time. I’m also happy to hear most of your questions were answered through this blog. I’m sure there may be many questions left to ask, and I will try to answer them all as they come in.

Regarding your question about what happened to me when I wasn’t in session. I spent most of my days taking care of my children and chauffeuring them from one sport or event to another. My children were involved in many activities and I volunteered for nearly everyone of them. I also worked hard taking care of the normal daily things, such as cleaning, shopping, working, and volunteering. I was busy, all the time. Distraction was good for me.

I tried my best not to allow my therapy to interfere with my daily life. Some days, and most of my nights, were difficult after a busy day of being a mom. After my children were asleep, I dealt with my sadness, anxiety, and stress. I had this amazing ability to put all that was churning inside of me aside until I was alone, but then the pain would become overwhelming and hard to bear. When there was a day I felt I couldn’t take care of myself in this way, I would write and vent it all in my journal. And if this didn’t work, and it wasn’t too late, I would call Baer for support. I tried my best not to call or ask for help, but during these difficult years, Dr. Baer never let me down.

Thank you and thank the ladies for their optimism, especially for coming to the conclusion that my story is not only true, but truthfully written. Dr. Baer and I truly appreciate your thoughts.



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