Karen Answers Oren

Comment by Oren Edmund on October 6, 2008 12:24 pm
Four questions:
Who are you and why aren’t you talking about what you accomplished?

What do you do and do people know who you are with you being anonymous?

Don’t you want and need attention?

How will people know you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?

Oren Edmund

Dear Oren Edmund,

I am not sure what you mean by your question regarding my talking about what I’ve accomplished. If you mean why am I not talking about my survival, please read my answers here. Have you read Switching Time? The answers to all your questions are written within the pages of my story.

I chose to remain anonymous out of consideration for my children and those close to me. I don’t need attention or to be in the limelight; my story speaks for itself. I’ve accomplished a great deal in simply surviving my horrific childhood. However, I would like to share my journey with more people in order to help bring awareness to my illness, MPD, and the life-long effects caused from being repeatedly abused as a child.

I can share what happened to me through this blog, how I dealt with my past, and how I managed to survive and help others. If one child is saved from someone who has read this book, then my voice was heard and my story, written by Dr. Baer, has accomplished its goal.



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