Karen Answers Cynthia’s Fourth Question

Comment by Cynthia on October 6, 2008 5:08 pm

Hi Karen, I love coming to this site and reading all the questions and your wonderful answers you give each person. I was just wondering how your physical health is doing these days? I get migrain headaches about once a month but I can usually get rid of them with rest and relaxation. I also wanted to know since I feel your a sensitive like myself if you have to be careful with certain foods in your diet that can trigger headaches or make you feel sick. Blessings to you,


Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for your compliments! It’s always nice to hear that readers come back to our site to read all the questions asked and the answers I’ve given. I’m amazed myself that so many questions have come in.

Thank you for your concern about my physical health. I’m doing well. I no longer suffer from the headaches that were once a daily part of my life. My headaches were caused from the switching of alternate personalities. There are some foods that I’ve been sensitive to, but I’m not sure whether removing them helped eliminate headaches. I can’t advise you as to what will help you with your migraines. For me, personally, I try my best to stay away from caffeine, fried foods, artifical sweetners, bread and pasta, just because I feel better without them..

Hope you find a helpful remedy for your migraines,



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