Karen Answers Colin

Comment by Colin, UK on October 9, 2008 3:14 pm
To Karen,

In spite of all the world troubles nowadays how do you manage to live with outside problems, realizing after the survival of your inner traumatic world was a success? The world’s a mess. Do you sometimes think life on the outside is worse than inside?

A Life in Pieces, is marvelously written.

Good Day!
Colin, UK

Dear Colin,

I know the world appears to be in trouble these days. And I admit it’s difficult for me to manage some of the terror I hear and see in the news. I am just like everyone else. I grieve and am saddened by it all. What I do to help myself get through these difficult world times is to try my best to stay optimistic in pessimistic surroundings. My personality is one that wishes to save the world one act of kindness at a time. This is who I am. So, yes, most definitely, tragedy affects me. I pray for peace.

Regarding my inner world. Originally, my inner world was nothing more than alter chaos. My inner world could not be compared to the outside world. The real world might appear to be a mess, but my inner world was worse. I was filled with grief, turmoil, pain, depression, shame, guilt, nightmares and worse. In the real world, people can make a difference and change things. As a child, living in my inner world, I was stuck in torment. As an adult, I no longer live imprisoned within my mind. I am free to live my life.

Thank you for your questions and compliment on Switching Time (UK title, A Life in Pieces) being marvelously written.



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