Karen Answers Child Molester

Comment by Male on October 11, 2008 12:36 am
Being that you were sexually abused as a child why didn’t you turn to a life of prostitution? How did you prevent it? Don’t abuse victims turn out to be promiscuous? Did you do drugs and alcohol? Were men attracted to you? In the book Richard Baer said you were fat, frumpy, boring and unattractive, if this was the case why were you abused? I spent time in prison for abusing a pretty child. I am sorry for what I did and paid for it with five years of my life. If this child was not pleasing to my eyes there’d be no abuse. Parents should never leave flirtatious pretty girls who tease men unattended or in the care of any adult male.


Dear Child Molester,

How dare you ask these questions? These questions will offend all who read them. Five years in prison wasn’t enough and hasn’t taught you much. I thought prison rehabilitated men like you? No child should ever be abused. I sure hope you are not living near children. Children may appear to be flirtatious but they are not, they are innocent, looking for love and approval, and it is the responsibility of all adults to take care of children. A child who becomes a victim at the hands of a predator is not to be blamed. Do you realize what you have done? You stole a child’s innocence, spirit, and life. You hurt her. I pray she is receiving help. I pray she knows what you’ve done was not her fault. I pray she finds inner peace.

Your thoughts on sexually abused children are disgusting. Not all children will fall into promiscuity, drugs or alcoholism. While it is true that many women who are prostitutes were abused as young girls, that doesn’t mean all abused girls will become prostitutes. I regret not telling someone what happened to me, and pray that through sharing my story adults will pay close attention to all children.

I don’t recall Dr. Baer describing me by the words you chose. You’ve distorted everything to serve your own ideas.




  1. I live near children and am listed in the district I live in. I have a terrible life since all this took place. I look but don’t touch. I was given eyes to see. The prison did not rehabilate me, I did it myself. I admitted my faults and receive help. I do not want to be inprison again. I did not hurt another child and not to be labeled a child molestor. I agree with what your answer said. I am not disgusting. I am only a male and think like all male’s do whether they talk about it admit it or dream it. Men are men and can’t help themselves when attraction is present. I am warning parents about all men. You should read your own book again and the articles Baer wrote because he insults you all the time.

  2. Dearest Karen,

    Oh good gracious God! I just read child molester’s comment. Where did this guy come from. Don’t answer his questions Karen. He’s a pervert. I have read your book. I am grateful to have had pleasant childhood experiences to share and pass down to my children.. I am sorry you weren’t able to form pleasing memories because of what happened to you at the hands of perverts like the child molester who wrote to you on your page. How you must have felt reading this? Are you talking this over with Dr. Baer?

    Psychologist Ben

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