Karen Answers Concerned Mom

Comment by Concerned Mom on October 11, 2008 11:11 pm
Dear Karen,

If you had an opportunity to teach young girls what you have learned from your life experiences, what would you tell them? I need help in what to teach my three daughters.

Thank you,
Concerned Mom

Dear Concerned Mom,

I would love to teach young girls how to be aware of their surroundings, be cautious of the relationships they chose, and to use their instincts when something doesn’t feels appropriate or comfortable. But I can only voice my own opinions from my own personal experiences. I wish to share my story with adults, especially parental figures, to bring awareness to the possibilities of what can happen to young girls if they are not carefully looked after. There are visible signs that sadly are left ignored. These signs may be subtle, but they are there. I believe that we all should keep the lines of communication open with our children.

In my case, no one paid attention to me, and I had obvious signs: headaches, sadness, isolation, crying in my sleep, sleep walking, feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, and losing time. What child loses time and forgets certain things? This should’ve been a warning to all the adults who once were a part of my life, including teachers, extended family, and neighbors.

I may never understand why no one cared enough to intervene and help me. As parents we must never ignore anything.

In sharing my story here in this blog, it is my hope that through my experiences, opinions, and suggestions, it brings awareness to the possibilities that can occur if we, as adults, don’t take time to care for our children

Thank you for wishing to teach your girls how to be safe.

My best wishes to you and your family,



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