Karen Answers Roberta

Comment by Roberta K. on October 10, 2008 12:39 pm
Dear Karen,

Have you ever been in love with anyone since integration? I found a copy of this book in the library and read it with awe. In times like this when so much sadness reaches each of our lives in some shape or form it was an awakening to read about a true life struggle as yours. It has me believing in life more than ever. Who are we? What do we need to survive? What really is important to each of us? What is in each of us that causes us to feel lost? If you gave up what would your reason be? As we enter difficult times we all need to think back to why we are here? I pray you have found someone to love you. Love at this time is of utmost importance.

The best to you and yours,
Roberta K.

Dear Roberta,

I’m glad to hear you believe in life more than ever. It’s true there is much sadness in the world these days. It’s important we each do our part to change this sadness into temporary moments of gladness. Staying optimistic may be hard, but it’s possible. Real life is a struggle for everyone. I believe we all wish to live in fantasy where everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. We can do this in our dreams and try to bring these wonderful feelings into play, but this is not being realistic.

Why are we all here? I believe in being here for friends during good and bad times, in finding peace, happiness, faith, and most importantly, God’s love. Without these things, each of us will feel lost.

I admit there have been times I felt like giving up, and it’s at these times I need to really think about all that I am grateful for. It’s at these times I need more strength than usual. And it’s also at these times I need to be realistic about what is weighing me down. It’s so easy to give up and not so easy to admit there is a problem that needs immediate attention. Once I understand why I felt the way I did, and deal with it, I’m usually okay. If not, I ask for help.

Wishing you a sense of calm during these difficult times,



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