Karen Answers Joel

Comment by Joel on October 14, 2008 9:26 pm


Excellent Book! Richard Baer captured your story so accurately that I wish to study this disorder further. The mind work between you the patient, and he the doctor, must’ve been electrical. How you managed to stay sane is remarkably insane. Thank you for this addition to the world of psychiatry. There was so little accurate information on mpd that I assumed it didn’t exist. I assumed it was a made up, attention seeking illness. I have read this book twice for accuracy and higly recommended it to my colleagues. Thank you.


Dear Joel,

Thank you for your review! Yes, Dr. Baer captured my story accurately. We worked hard to make sure our journey was an accurately picture of everything that happened in the therapy. And for me, our therapeutic relationship was intense and magical. Staying sane and on the side of reality was at times a challenge. My inner world was, as you say, remarkably insane—chaotic and incomprehensible. It’s a miracle Dr. Baer and I accomplished all this!

Early on, Dr. Baer found there wasn’t much information on integrating alternate personalities in MPD. This was one of the reasons it was important to share our story in Switching Time.

Thank you for reading Switching Time twice and recommending it to your colleagues!



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