Karen Answers A Friend

Comment by A most grateful friend on October 16, 2008 11:51 am
My dear friend, “Karen”,

Knowing you has brought me peace. Peace that you needed to keep for yourself. If it weren’t for you and your caring nature I wouldn’t be where I am today. Being an inspiration to me and all of those who know you is a wonderful thing. The problem is you kept nothing for yourself. I learned from you never to give up. I learned from you to have faith. I even learned how to have a kind heart. Stop taking care of everyone. Who comes first? You do! Another lesson I learned from you. You can’t fix everyone’s heart only God can.

“Karen”, may your tormented soul find peace.

A most grateful friend

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your kind thoughts and blessings. I truly appreciate all of my friends. I know it may appear at times that I have worn myself down by doing too much for everyone else. It’s in my nature to care about others. This is who I am.

I admit, after many years of suffering the illness MPD, it is difficult for me to grasp the concept that it’s really okay to accept who I am and not feel the need to constantly serve others before myself. I try the best I can to do both, be kind and caring to everyone, and also take care of myself. I am grateful to be alive and believe that if I could just be there for those who need me, in a way that no one was there for me, then my survival is a blessing and meant to be.

I’ve learned many lessons from the mistakes I’ve made. As each day moves forward I realize all I’ve learned and accomplished since becoming one woman, after the integration of my alters. I am far from perfect and will continue to try my best until I no longer am able to.



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