Karen Answers Child Molester’s Second Question

Comment by Male 2nd. on October 16, 2008 2:27 pm
I live near children and am listed in the district I live in. I have a terrible life since all this took place. I look but don’t touch. I was given eyes to see. The prison did not rehabilitate me, I did it myself. I admitted my faults and receive help. I do not want to be in prison again. I did not hurt another child and not to be labeled a child molestor. I agree with what your answer said. I am not disgusting. I am only a male and think like all male’s do whether they talk about it admit it or dream it. Men are men and can’t help themselves when attraction is present. I am warning parents about all men.

Dear Child Molester,

God did not give you eyes to see in order to find attraction in innocent young children! Admitting your faults and receiving help is a great service to all those who live near you and could be victimized by you if you were left on your own. I pray you are constantly under observation.

Dr Baer taught me that harmful thoughts are okay but actions are not. However, in your case I’m sure your thoughts are inappropriate and not safe. Yes, you are disgusting. All men don’t have the same thoughts as you do. There is a definite defect in the way you think that all men are unable to help themselves when sexual attraction is present.

Thank you for this warning. I hope all parents read this and understand how sick the thoughts of a child molester are, especially when the predator can’t see themselves and their own thoughts as abnormal.




  1. All parents are to blame for their children being abused in the event they are. I am not digusting I am normal like all men. God forbid any parent takes their own blame for not being a parent. I begged the parents not to leave with me the girl I was sentenced for abusing. I told them I don’t like kids but they were in need of my help. The girl kept jumping on me what was I supposed to do? I told her to shut up and she went quiet. I won’t ever be hurting a child again, it wasn’t worth it. I pay the price everyday. STOP calling me a child molestor.

  2. Child Molestor,
    You are a very sick man. No child ever asks to be abused. No little girl or boy ever asks for it to just happen to them. They aren’t standing in a line with their hand raised in hopes someone will pick them to hurt them and break their faith in a good human existance.
    I feel if you rehabilitated yourself you need to allow someone else to help you, a professional would be wise, because you didn’t do the job. I worked in a group home for perpetrators and I honestly believe that perpetrators can be rehabilitated but it requires a lot of hard work and revising your thinking. You clearly are one of the ones that has been rehabilitate thus far. I am not saying you won’t ever be, but at this moment in your life, you need to be real with yourself because you aren’t rehabilitated.

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