Karen answers Ben

Comment by Psychologist Ben on October 17, 2008 12:23 am

Dearest Karen,

Oh good gracious God! I just read child molesters comment.  Where did this guy come from.  Dont answer his questions Karen.  Hes a pervert.  I have read your book.  I am grateful to have had pleasant childhood experiences to share and pass down to my children.  I am sorry you werent able to form pleasing memories because of what happened to you at the hands of perverts like the child molester who wrote to you on your page.  How you must have felt reading this? Are you talking this over with Dr. Baer?

Psychologist Ben

Dear Ben,

Thank you for being concerned about my well being.  I know there will be questions that will hit a nerve and trigger bad feelings in me.  Dr. Baer and I discuss these posts.  I can’t stop people from asking questions that may be objectionable.  I’ll try to answer each one in the best way I can.  When there is a question that is inappropriate, such as this one, I’ll talk it over with Dr. Baer.

Although my memories of abuse were not pleasant, I was able to treasure some memories of meaningful times.  When sharing stories with my children, I always focused on the good times.  I told them stories of pleasant experiences, from family related television shows, from what I’d witnessed from being around good families, and my dreams of how life could be if I were loved.

Thank you for caring,



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