Karen answers Bob

Comment by Bob on October 19, 2008 2:34 am

Dear Karen,

If you were to guess on how many real cases of your illness there are how many would you guess? What makes you a recovered case? Can your make another alter? I bet you can. Will you consider trying to create another identity to deal with something new that hasnt come up yet? I would like to know how to create an alter. I need a partner to blame for my faults.



Dear Bob,

I have no idea how many cases of real MPD/DID have been diagnosed.  My guess would be not as many as are claimed to be.  My journey and therapeutic relationship with Dr. Baer was unique. Dr. Baer completely documented everything we did for over eighteen years, a whole file cabinet’s worth!  I think we have the first complete, start to finish, documented journey of the life of a true multiple and her therapy with her doctor.

Can I make another alter?  I don’t think so.  I have no idea how my mind created my alters when I was a child.  And I haven’t tried to create another alternate personality to help me along in the event something new would resurface. Why would I?  The alters are all integrated within me; and though life can hurt at times, I try to use my own one self to deal with problems that come along. My alters were not created for me to blame for my own faults.

Please don’t make fun of wanting an alter to blame for the faults you created on your own.  Having multiple personality disorder is no laughing matter.  It’s hell.

Thank you for your questions,



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